Our world is a veneer over layers of history — my work celebrates those layers, cuts through them, and brings them to life. Crusted by time, ancient vessels rise to the surface, imprinted by the past they have survived.

I want my work to reflect the scratched and rugged remains of ancient walls and floor tiles, and the graceful profiles of timeworn vessels. I have always been intrigued by the various shapes and surfaces throughout history with their endless variation among the patterns, flecks, and lines that invite deeper study.

I often use my own works on paper to build layers, sanding and digging back into the board with hand and power tools, then painting again. Drawing from my experience as a printmaker, my pieces are marked using acetate rolled with oils to lay purposeful, rough lines similar to the etchings of my past.

My pieces seek to bridge the character of these walls, tiles, and vessels with aspects of modern color, pattern, technique, and design to evoke a feeling of the past brought to the present; a modern interpretation of the remnant shapes, patterns, and details of history. My work aims to capture the elegance and balance that these objects have inherited.

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